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Five Unforgettable Sports Cars From Movies - Actors always get their names in the credits, but cars rarely do.

Are There Really Better Times To Buy A Car - I am sure you've heard it a million times.

Some Of The Car Salesmans Favorite Methods - There are many different tricks and methods that car salespeople will use to try to trip you up and keep you confused or get you excited to try to get you to buy a car.

How To Easily Find The Sports Car Of Your Dreams At An Affordable Price - While new car dealers try to entice people with larger rebates or finance incentives the real bargains are in the pre-owned market where someone else has taken the depreciation or even better yet finding an old classic that you can restore.

Driving Instructors Their Cars - An article about car driving instructors and their cars.

How To Make Sure You Get The Most Money When You Sell Your Car - So you have decided to sell your car.

Auto Transport MAQ - The auto transport service industry is thriving and robust.

Buying a Brake Lathe What to Look Out For - Brake lathes, like many pieces of equipment available to mechanics, are available from a variety of different manufacturers and distributors.

Number Plate - Unless you own a really old vintage car, or you have managed to get a hold of a limited edition car, there is pretty much nothing exclusive about cars.

How To Decide What ATV To Get When Just Starting Out - The first thing you need to do is take a trip down to your local ATV dealership.

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