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Unless you own a really old vintage car, or you have managed to get a hold of a limited edition car, there is pretty much nothing exclusive about cars. Sure you can go out and get a unique colour or better still you can have customization done on the car. All, methods that are not only time consuming and tedious, but some also incur massive costs. So what is the fastest way to be distinguished in a crowd? Well apart from what I have already mentioned, you could go and get yourself a custom number plate, something that has relevance to what you do, your attitude or simply something witty. Custom number plates are not exactly cheap, in fact sometimes custom number plates cost almost as much or more than the car they are associated with.

Custom number plates, or simply called custom plates may not seem to be much, after all who is going to notice a number plate in a new Ferrari Enzo? Well think again, you don't see a Ferrari Enzo just parked in a regular parking lot, so what will make your Enzo stand out in a crowd of other expensive cars? simple a custom number plate. And the best part is that, not everyone who owns an Enzo has a custom number plate, a custom number makes you stand out in a crowd no matter what type of car you own. There are few number plates that have captured the imagination of people all across the UK Doctor Number plates Since you can't pretty much have a number plate that says, DR and your name the closest you can get is a number plate like DR02 ONE. Doctor plates are much in demand and based on the organization you are using to build you custom number plate, the price of a doctor number plate can be anything between £200 - £2000.

Mr and Mrs Number plates Just like the DR series the MR and MRS series is also very popular and sought after, a number plate reading MR00 007 will probably catch your attention instantly, not to mention it is pretty sleek sounding, similar something like MRS0 HOT will also be equally popular. The prices of MR and MRS number plates are pretty much similarly priced to doctor number plates. GB or UK number plates Especially suited for people who are proud to be British and are proud of their heritage, a GB number plate was initially assumed to be a de facto standard, however with the increase in the number of cars, such number plates have become extremely popular and equally difficult to find. Prices can range between £500 to £1000. No matter what vendor you choose for your license plate registration, the above registrations should help you better understand the dynamics and pricing of custom number plates. Custom number plates have fast become a way of making a statement.

Irrespective of the car model you own, today a custom number plate is just as important as any car accessory.

Oliver wright the author of this article on PRIVATE NUMBER PLATES. Find more information about PRIVATE NUMBER PLATES here.


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