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Driving Instructors Their Cars

Driving instructors do not have a particularly easy time of it. They get cursed ? likely literally as well as figuratively ? by frustrated teenagers who are doing well or not so well and getting frustrated with having not yet passed their driving test. They quite possibly get cursed at by people in their twenties, thirties, forties, and so on as well, because driving examinations are stressful for everyone involved. One thing driving instructors should not have to worry about, however, are their cars. Total Fleet Services has been contracting and leasing vehicles for fourteen years. They have been building up an enviable reputation since 1994 and in that time, the business has evolved more and more.

It has evolved so much that, now, they have a wide array of services including but not limited to driving instructor car hire, driving instructor car leasing, and contract hire. Driving instructor car hire leasing and car hire are best suited for smaller driver's education institutions, independent companies, or private instructors. With private driving instructors, for example, they may not want to put dual controls into their own cars, for whatever reason ? it may be the family car, for instance, and not every family member may want to drive or ride in a car with extra parts and pedals. By taking advantage of Total Fleet Services' driving instructor car hire, the instructor has a business car ? perfectly suited to his or her business! Actually, this option works well in certain other circumstances as well. For example, a person may need a driving instructor car, equipped with dual controls, for only a short time ? a father might be teaching his child how to drive.

It is certainly safer ? and more practical ? to do this in a car with the capabilities and safety features conducive to the situation than in one of the family cars. As well, not only has the father spared his own car from any potential damage, an accident is simply less likely to happen in a dual control car. As being a private instructor is becoming more popularised, so too are small independently owned driver's education businesses which employ more than one instructor. In these instances, driving instructor car leasing is ideal.

More than one dual control car will be required, and if necessary, there are leasing and hire packages which allow drivers to swap for a new, different car every year. For larger driving schools, contract hire is an excellent way to go about driving instructor car hire. Contract hire generally lasts from one to three years, which makes it perfect for businesses which need to provide vehicles for their employees over set terms with an easy renewal process.

That is certainly the case with driving schools. Every driving instructor can be equipped with a dual control car. For that matter, this is not a bad idea for private driver's education teachers either. Having the guarantee of the proper car for at least three years can be very advantageous. Driving instructor car hires, leasing, and contract higher is also beneficial because within the cost per month of their leases, Total Fleet Services includes the cost of all automotive and mechanical repairs and maintenance. If a Total Fleet Services driving instructor car has to go into the shop for repairs, all that the renter must do is make sure to take the car to a main dealer which is local to him or her; and, once there, he or she must simply ask the dealer's service department to call the Total Fleet Services company before any repairs take place.

Excise duty is also included in the monthly leasing sum, as are breakdowns, home start, and recovery. Driving instructor cars are all equipped with He-man dual controls.

Written on behalf of Total Fleet Services - Vehicle Leasing UK
Driving Instructor Car Leasing


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