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Tips for Using the Used Car Classifieds to Find the Perfect Car

When you're interested in finding a new car, you might not want to head directly to a car dealership for your shopping. While it might seem that buying new is the best way to go, sometimes finding something that's used is the best investment. As soon as you drive a new car off the lot, it's already depreciating. It may be better to find a sturdy car that's less expensive and still reliable to get you to where you need to go. The used car classifieds can help you find a great car without the high price.

Before you start looking at used car classifieds, you will want to determine a few makes and models that interest you. While this seems like it might narrow your selection, it will help you find exactly what you're looking for and will help to create a more efficient way of looking at the ads that are available for you to browse. Take your time to read through car reviews to find cars that suit your purpose as well as the year they were built. Some years were better than others for certain carmakers, so you need to spend time researching the type of car you are interested in owning. Take some time to write down the things that you're looking for in this car like air conditioning, low mileage, fuel efficiency, warranties, etc. Try to figure out what features are most important to you so that you can make these a priority as you look through the used car classifieds.

Next, you will want to get out the ads from your local cities as well as go online to find national listings. You'll want to see what's available as well as the prices that you can find. Try to look at these classifieds for a few months before you actually buy so that you can see what kinds of prices there are and in which direction they might be heading. The trends in prices tend to vary with seasons, so waiting just a few weeks can mean all the difference between a deal and a higher price.

In these used car classifieds, you will want to look at the details that are included, besides that car make and model. You want to see what features the car has as well as the mileage that is listed. Circle the advertisements that most interest you and try to talk to the owner or the seller about looking at the actual car. If you have trouble contacting the seller, you may want to move onto another car as they might become difficult to work with in the process.

Remember, you are the customer and they need to communicate well with you. If you ever have a feeling that they aren't being honest with you, step away from the deal. Once you've made an appointment to see a car, go and see it with a knowledgeable friend or local mechanic. You want to make sure that the used car classifieds find is something that is perfect for your needs.

The mechanic can also look to see if there are any repairs that need to be done immediately and then you can negotiate the price further with the seller. Too often, a customer will just go and see the car, drive it around the block and then make their decision. A car is an investment that you need to take more seriously than that. If you don't know any mechanics, set up a meeting with a mechanic during the time of your appointment to see the car. When you are driving the car, you'll want to take it on the highway as well as on local roads. This will give you an idea of how the car moves under more strenuous conditions.

You will also want to take it in heavier traffic areas to see how it handles being in idle and other driving conditions. Check the turn signals, the brakes, the radio, etc. Make notes of anything that you might want to have fixed. Used car classifieds are geared toward selling the car's best features, but you need to make sure everything is in working order.

Andy West is a freelance writer for CountyLoop. CountyLoop.com makes it easy to use online Business Directories and used car classifieds. For more information, please visit http://www.countyloop.com.


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