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The New Mercedes Bens E CDI Now the Worlds Most SuccessfulLuxury Car Line Maintained by Superio

Equipped with the latest innovative diesel technology, the E320 CDI has 201 hp and 369 lb-ft. of torque, enough to propel the car to 100 km/h on the test track in just 7.0 seconds. Good performance, low exhaust emissions, great fuel economy and low noise levels this latest generation of electronically injected CDI engines is changing consumers' dated perceptions about diesel engines. Like all diesels, the E320 CDI gets great fuel mileage and has increased cruising range over a comparable gasoline-powered car. What's more important, the E320 CDI will do that without sacrificing performance.

The E320 CDI gets 8.9/5.9 l/100km for city and highway driving, respectively, while virtually equaling the acceleration of the gasoline V6. Thanks to its CDI electronic fuel injection, even the usual diesel engine sound is muted. From inside the vehicle at idle, the E320 CDI registers just 44 decibels. For comparison: An average doorbell produces about 75 decibels.

The double-wishbone of the E320 CDI front suspension is similar to that of the S-Class, and its patented five-link rear suspension provides unparalleled wheel motion control. The E320 CDI comes standard with four-zone climate control that allows different temperature settings for the rear outboard passengers as well as the driver and front passenger. A long list of standard equipment include power tilt and telescoping steering wheel, power windows with one-touch up/down operation and auto-dimming mirrors. A power flip-down panel in the centre console opens to reveal extra storage space or the optional six-disc CD changer. The standard COMAND display, which can be fitted with an optional DVD-based navigation system, also includes a nine-speaker audio system with surround sound.

An optional harman/kardon LOGIC7 system takes high performance audio to a new level with seven-channel digital surround sound, 420 Watts of total output and 12 high-end speakers. Several options are: The Keyless Go system, which allows the driver to unlock the car simply by touching the door handle, and to start the car by touching the gearshift knob. The Parktronic parking assistance system uses ultrasound waves to detect obstacles in front of or behind the car, and warns the driver of detected objects Mercedes-Benz' pioneering role in modern diesel engine development is likely to play a key role in the company's future products that could include hybrids, advanced piston engines and fuel cells.

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By: Jenny McLane


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