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The Imoprtance Of Auto Restoration

Sometimes people just don't understand how important it is to do a certain thing, and others need a good reason to do it, so I have decided to give the classic car community a few good reasons to keep their cars on the road, first and foremost; we are Americans and as Americans we need to pay attention to our automotive history, America has a rich history of in the automotive areas.The old cars have a certain class and style, that is becoming a thing of the past, with each passing year, more and more people decide to by import cars, and this diminishes our rich automotive history in this country, the first gas powered cars were built in our country, I don't know if you've ever heard the old saying "Buy American" but it's more true now then it ever was.Cars provide a large part of our countries economy, and when you restore your classics, you buy parts and supplies from companies in this country, and in essence you help our economy buy keeping your money in our country, and help keep our business healthy and thriving, people whine about the cost of a restoration, but when you give up on our country and it's cars, you drive prices up, higher and higher, for the parts and the services.I know it sounds a bit redundant when you hear somebody telling you to "Buy American", but they sat it because they care about our country, and our way of life.

You hear people all of the time telling you that import items are built better, but have they really tried American products, or are they just spewing out the ranting of a friend or neighbor who's telling them these lies.An American car emulates Americana, and shows people that you are a true American, well now that I have finished that little rant about the things that I see all the time, I'll give you some real reasons to restore your old American car, and the fun it can be. I know that the above writing was a bit long winded, but I had to say it.Well here are some reasons why it's a good idea to restore your old car.1) An old car is fun for you, and your entire family, if you get them involved in it.
2) It doesn't matter if you do the restoration yourself, or have a shop do it for you, the entire process can be fun, and a learning experience for you.

3) You can invite all of your friends over to help you, if you do the job yourself, get them involved in the joy of your old car.
4) Invite your family and friends to go to the car shows with you, car shows are a lot of fun, and even more fun when you take a prize.
5) Enough people are just sending them to the wrecking yards, don't be one of these people.

6) If your thinking about having a shop restore your car makes sure that you stay involved in the process of the restoration, a shop wants you to care about your car.
7) Make sure that you get your car built the way that you want it built, don't let anybody tell you how to do it.
8) Your old car can bring a lot of years of joy and fun, if you get what you want.Do yourself a huge favor, and spend some time looking for the right car to fit your personality, if you join our ezine, we'll help you learn how to pick a good car to start with and help minimize that work and time it will take to get it on the road.When you start restoring your car, people will tell you that you need to restore it to factory specs, I don't tell people that, what I will say is this; build your car the way that you want to, people will tell you that your car will lose it's value if you customize it, allow me to explain something about this, ok here it is, it's true that your car will lose value if you customize it, but it's easy to fix this problem.

First think about what you want to do with the car, if your building it with plans of selling immediately, it may be better not to start work on it in the first place, you really can't make a profit doing that, unless you have a really special car, like a hemi Cuda, ZL1 Camaro or Corvette, or possibly a Shelby mustang, or AC Cobra, these are cars that you can make money on.If you are restoring it with plans to keep the car, then I wouldn't worry much about the authenticity of the car, worry more about making the car what you want it to be, just keep all the original parts, so you can put them back on if you decide to sell the car, or at lease so you can tell the buyer of the car that you have all the parts to make it original again.Do your custom paint work that you want, upgrade to the latest suspension and steering components, put a new factory crate motor in it, do the interior your way and have the nice stereo system that you want, and all the latest gadgets and gizmos, make it your car.

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.I've been in the automotive business for about 20 or 25 years, I have worked in all facets of the industry, from parts to restoration, all different makes and models, I just want to keep people interested in the old cars because it's where my heart is.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David_Atkin.

By: David Atkin


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