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Preparing Your Car for a Body Kit

You've been saving your money and waiting for the right kit to come along. Suddenly, there it is, and you know it will make your baby look and run like a dream. Still, the kit costs a bundle and you want to make sure it adds value and features to your car. So before you get the kit and go to town, get your car ready for the fix-up by having a few other things done first.

1. Schedule a tune-up. If your car hasn't had one for a while, this is the perfect time to make sure things are running the way they should.

Get the spark plugs changed and have all the inner workings checked to be sure everything is operational. You don't need a dead battery or another inconvenience to mar your pleasure of the body kit improvements. 2.

Get an oil change. Although this routine procedure has nothing to do with your body kit, just getting it out of the way, along with the accompanying door lubrications and fluid checks, will help to ensure that the car is working properly and ready to go. Then after your body kit work is done, you can drive anywhere you want, as long as you want, without worrying about the little incidentals that could crimp your style. Your car will drive better than ever without the hassle of planning extra needed maintenance. 3.

Fix body dents and check the tires. Find an affordable expert who can take out the dings in the door and restore the fenders to their original condition. Make sure the tires are inflated properly, or consider buying replacements for those that are badly worn. Getting your car into solid physical shape will make you feel even better about ordering the body kit to enhance your vehicle. 4. Get a detailed interior cleaning and exterior wash.

Although you could wait until after you use your body kit to have the cleaning done, why not go all out and make your car look great? You can always have a second, less important cleaning afterward. Removing dirt, grease, debris, and smudges, especially in the areas affected by your body kit, will prepare your car for any body kit you want to install. You will feel like you have a new car when you get the vehicle looking great inside and out. 5.

Have minor problems fixed in advance. Even though a tiny rattle or infrequent engine knocking may not seem important right now as you are getting ready to use your body kit, why not get rid of these minor irritations before they become major problems? If there is a loose screw or dangling wire, it's better to take care of these now in case they get in the way of the updates you want to make with your body kit. Even though a body kit may not seem like a big deal, getting your car ready for it will increase your anticipation and enhance your car's appearance and function.

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