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Hummer H3

Over the last couple of years, Hummer has built up a reputation as one of Americaís most popular car labels.  With its military past, the Hummer was the car for the manís man.  Combining a tankís durability with the features of a luxury car, Hummer seemed to have perfected a type of car that was perfect for the car lover.  Except there was just one small problem: Hummerís werenít particularly good cars.

Although they were flashy and its size definitely grabbed peopleís attentions, Hummerís werenít particularly practical.  Cumbersome to drive, too large for excessive road driving, a major gas guzzler, Hummerís, although popular were in danger of becoming a novelty brand.  To rectify this problem, Hummer has taken great pains for its upcoming Hummer H3 series.  Although the new Hummer H3 is still going to have the same rugged features of the Hummer H1 series and Hummer H2 series, there are going to be some changes to make the Hummer H3 a more practical drive.

The new Hummer H3 series is one of the most anticipated cars to come out this year, as it marks a great change in the approach of Hummer.  Although, the Hummer H3 will be entering the midsize SUV market, it will still retain its traditional blocky, ultra-masculine exterior design.  This is because Hummer has built its reputation based on the rugged look of its car and isnít about to jeopardize car recognition because it is entering a new car market.

Additionally, the Hummer H3 series will be built in beautiful Shreveport, Louisiana.  It will contain a five-cylinder engine and will continue to fill Hummerís promise of being a capable off-road vehicle.  Additionally, the Hummer H3 will rectify a common problem found in the Hummer H1 and Hummer H2.  Gas consumption in the Hummer H3 will not reach the stratospheric heights of the earlier Hummer models.  The Hummer H1 and Hummer H2 carís capability of $2-a-gallon gasoline made it a deterrent for car drivers with concerns about gas prices, as well as the effect of gas on the environment.  With the new Hummer H3, it is expected that the car will get approximately 20 miles per gallon on the highway.  This is great news for car drivers that love the Hummer but canít afford to be paying for gas every ten minutes.

Although the price of the Hummer H3 has yet to be set, automotive industry experts estimate that the carís price will be within the $30,000 and $35,000 range.  There are great hopes pinned to the Hummer H3 within Hummer, as the car brandís popularity has slipped.  Although Hummerís were all the rage just a couple of years ago due to its unique, masculine look, its shortcomings and general exclusivity has forced Hummer to look into other methods of staying on top of the car industry.

Whether the Hummer H3 becomes the great success that its creators believe that it will be, it is guaranteed that the Hummer H3 will be big news this year.  What the sales of the car will be can only be positively affected by the unprecedented amount of hype surrounding the launch of this vehicle.

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