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Montana Fifth Wheels From Michigan RV Dealer

Montana Fifth Wheels from Michigan RV Dealer Lakeshore-RV is considered as one of the largest dealers in the nation to provide 2008 and 2009 new stock of Montana fifth wheels available at their supercenter. A best place for the enthusiasts of RV is to buy a Montana fifth wheel from Keystone RV Company of which Lakeshore is a dealer of. Lakeshore-RV is one of the nation's leading dealers and is proud to be a dealer of the Montana fifth wheels that have high marks for both quality and style. In addition, no better RV dealer could be trusted on other than Lakeshore-RV who has been successfully working in the RV industry for over fifty years and counting.

Montana fifth wheels standard features make it more useful for the RV fans and sport one of the most comfortable living areas. The living area of Montana fifth wheels are equipped with residential carpeting (with fabric protector), a duel set of recliners, hide-a-bed sofa, along with deluxe bronzed decorative lighting in its standard. Comfort is the main concern and acquires most of its sale due to this. In addition to the standards for the interior, you have the option to throw in a free standing dinette with four chairs to make your RV feel like home.

Montana fifth wheels consist of a beautifully designed and equipped kitchen that comes with solid hardwood cabinet doors with steel drawer glides. Additionally, you'll enjoy the lighted range hood, deluxe bowl sink, and power vent fan that is in both the kitchen and the living room. Also, the bathroom is made with great care to be functional for the RV enthusiasts.

It sports a large residential sink, a shower equipped with a bronze glass enclosure, medicine sink, and vanity light. With a Montana fifth wheel, you truly don't have to make major sacrifices for quality and especially when it comes to just the standard features that are included with all bathrooms and kitchens in these RVs. As a standard, a 10 gallon gas or electric heater along with a systems monitor panel is fixed in all Montana fifth wheels provided by Keystone RV Company. While the interior of the fifth wheel was a great setup, the exterior does every bit of matching the quality of the interior. The Montana is equipped with 15" wheels, fiberglass exterior walls, and fabricated steel truss rafters. Additionally, there is ample storage space including a standard bicycle rack and storage bay.

You can feel comfortable knowing you will have all the storage you need no matter what the occasion in your new Montana fifth wheel. You should better start taking a look at the Montana fifth wheels offered by Keystone RV Company at Lakeshore-RV's website at www.lakeshore-rv.com which is considered to be the best site to go for.

As one of the largest RV dealers in the nation, Lakeshore has all the new Montana fifth wheel 2008 and 2009 models and is Michigan's leading RV dealer! However, you can also find the Montana fifth wheel model according to your requirement and click on it from their homepage and be taken to see all the specs for the model as well as a gallery of photos for the specific model you are interested in. Once you see the pictures upfront, you can give Lakeshore RV dealer a call at 1-888-743-8278 or head on out to see their Michigan supercenter for yourself!. .

Adam is author of this article on montana fifth wheels. Find more information about michigan rv dealer here.


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