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How To Find Affordable Sports Cars

Claiming any one new sports car is the most affordable is a great way to start an endless debate. Even if the list price of a particular sports car is less than its competitors, a forthcoming model is likely to sneak in at a few dollars less. Meanwhile, limiting discussion to current models overlooks the truly most affordable sports cars-used models.

Used sports cars can be bargains, particularly older models from less glamorous manufacturers. Fiat sports cars from the 1970s, for instance, can often be found in running condition for under a few thousand dollars. Any sports club car membership will undoubtedly boast scores of stories detailing great bargains found from individual owners on classic sports cars that are more coveted by collectors, too. If you are looking for a truly affordable sports car and are not intimidated by the prospect of the necessary maintenance issues inherent in older models, you should certainly seek out a used sports car. There are a variety of ways to find affordable sports cars.

The traditional method of looking through your local classified newspaper advertisements on a regular basis can still yield amazing values. Sellers are motivated to part with their sports cars for a variety of reasons and sometimes their needs can be immediate. This will encourage them to sell the car at prices sometimes well beneath market value. Bargain hunting via classified advertisements is a great way to stumble upon a real bargain sports car. Mechanics can be a great source of bargain cars, too. Often, customers will leave a sports car for work at an auto shop.

Once repairs are completed, they will be unable to afford the repair bill and may be forced to default the car to the shop. Mechanics acquire liens on the vehicles and are able to offer them for sale. Mechanics are experts in repairing vehicles and are primarily interested in maintaining cars-not in selling them. A mechanic holding an abandoned vehicle still lacks payment for the work performed, too.

As such, these cars can often be purchased at bargain rates. As an additional benefit, buying from a mechanic may indicate the car has had any known problems already repaired. At the very least, you will have a great source of information about the car's mechanical status-a benefit frequently missing from other bargain sources. Internet auctions also provide an outlet for sports car bargain-hunters. The auction market is always tricky-sometimes a car may actually sell for far more than one would think it was actually worth. In other cases, there may be a window of opportunity to snag a used sports car at an amazing price.

Poorly timed auctions or auctions that do not feature a highly sought after made or model of car can result in very low prices. Of course the bargain shopper needs to enter the market well informed. Many seemingly great deals can really be busts for a buyer if they are not sufficiently educated. However, affordable sports cars are out there on the market-one need only find them.

Classified advertisements, repair shops and internet auctions are all great opportunities to find a sports car at a bargain price. One need not resign themselves to the prospect of paying top dollar for a sports car. By choosing less popular models, or simply by hunting out great deals, a prospective buyer can save literally thousands of dollars on their sports car purchase.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. For quality car care products go to http://www.5starshine.com


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