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How Do Luxury SUVs Stand The Test Of Time

When the newest model vehicles roll onto the lots, there are always an abundance of expert reviews, opinions, and crash test statistics. But once the model has had time to truly be road tested and reviewed by owners, magazines and publications have moved onto today's latest models. In this article, we'll look at some of the top rated 3-year-old used luxury SUV's and how they have stood the test of time. The 2003 RX300 Used Lexus SUV: It seems as if no luxury SUV has made its way into the hearts and driveway's of Americans more than the Lexus RX300. Three years after its release, the only recall for the 2003 RX300 used Lexus SUV concerns the reflectors of some exterior replacement lights. This 2003 used Lexus SUV is still held in high regard by owners who have given it an overall satisfaction rating of 9 out of 10.

Among the reasons owners of this used Lexus SUV sited as their favorite reasons for ownership were its fantastic gas mileage, styling, and smooth ride. The 2003 2.5T XC-90 Used Volvo SUV: After three years of real world driving, XC90 owners ranked this used Volvo SUV an 8.9/10 in terms of overall satisfaction. There were a few big recalls with this used Volvo SUV including improperly fitted rear seat belt attachments, a defective tie rod joint, impaired visibility due to faulty wiper blades, and defective front wheel sensors.

The 2003 Used Land Rover Range Rover: Unlike non-luxury vehicles, consumer satisfaction reviews for used luxury SUV's remain positive well past the first year or two. The Range Rover is no exception with a 9.1 consumer satisfaction rating for this 3 year old vehicle. Compare this with an SUV like the Ford Explorer that scored a full ten points lower and you'll understand the difference in quality between a standard and a luxury SUV.

Three years after release, there have been zero recalls for the Range Rover. The 2003 X5 Used BMW SUV: Owners of the 2003 X5 gave it a 9.1 satisfaction rating, the highest rating of any previous year X5 on the market. Among the main reasons cited for satisfaction with this used BMW SUV are the exceptional performance, and the vehicles "fun" factor. Though only about 350 units were likely affected, if you choose to purchase the 2003 X5 used BMW SUV make sure to have the brake lines checked for leakage.

BMW has issued only one recall for this used BMW SUV after a few reports of brake like leaks. When shopping for a used luxury SUV, be sure to take advantage of the current sources of information about the vehicles you're considering. While you'll still find professional reviews published the year the vehicle was introduced, they hold less credence than reviews that discuss the performance of the vehicle after several years of real world wear and tear.

Author is a writer for A&G Select Imports, a certified luxury SUV dealer in Virginia. For more information you can visit http://www.AGSelectImports.com.


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