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Honda Wheelers Becoming Popular

The Honda 4 wheelers are especially designed in such a way as to handle harsh road and seasonal conditions. The latest 4 wheeler offerings of the manufacturer or quad bikes as they are referred to include a host of refinements and a number of upgrades that promise to make these products much more attractive then previous models. There are recreation or utility models as well as sports models in the latest range on offer. The utility models or utility quads are used especially by farmers to get around huge farms while sports quads are used for leisure. The most popular Honda 4 wheeler models include 250 Four Trax Recon, 350 Four Trax Rancher, Four Trax 90, 350 Four Trax Rancher ES, 500 Four Trax Foreman Rubicon, Four Trax 300 EX Sport, Four Trax 400 Ex Sport and 450 Four Trax Foreman 4X4 or ES.

The Honda 250R is a quad bike running on all terrain and is thus also called an All Terrain Vehicle. The Honda 4 wheelers can promise you a wild ride indeed. The world renowned Honda TRX range has been developed keeping in mind the land owners' need of a 'work horse' which will be reliable and also easily maintainable. The TRX680FA Rincon has been hailed as the world's most comfortable 4-wheeler of full size.

TRX450ER Sportrax is a high performance sport model. With this model Honda sets itself a special standard. Whether it is moving over the sands or passing through bushes or speeding on the tracks this Honda 4 wheeler model just dominates the scene. It is arguably the highest performing four wheeled sport bike in the world. In 2006 the machine has been given a new and more powerful makeover.

The 2006 TRX90E Sportrax is an ideal introductory bike created with the young enthusiasts in mind and set up to suit their requirements. Honda 4 wheelers have brought in with them some worthwhile developments in 2006. There has been introduced new electric starter for ease of starting in all conditions and new TRX450R-inspired bodywork.

Besides new handlebar design has been incorporated for increasing rider comfort and front brake lever has been repositioned closer to grip for fitting a wide variety of riders. Other newly added features include uniquely designed floorboards for protection and comfort of the riders, new silver colored frame, new tough plastic skid plate and new suspension settings. So, Honda 4 wheeler riders can now move with greater power and comfort.

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