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Getting Classic Cars at an Auction

Time determines the essence of all things. Timelessness is a virtue that is greatly venerated from time immemorial. The same thing goes for cars. Classic cars are greatly appreciated wherever they may be.

This is why many people are going crazy dreaming about getting one of their own classic cars. One of the best ways of getting quality classic cars is at an auction. Classic cars are seen in different ways by different people.

Some people see classic cars as investments, since timeless pieces such as classic cars appreciate in value especially if it is well maintained. Some people see classic cars as time machines which take them back to the good-old-days when these cars ruled the streets of the cities. Whatever the motivation people may have in buying classic cars, one thing is certain classic cars are great things to have. Getting classic cars at auctions is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways of getting your dream classic cars.

Auctions are not for the weak-hearted, especially classic car auctions. There are a few things that one has to take into heart when going to these classic car auctions, and this article tries to give wonderful tips about the subject. Nature of Classic Car Auctions First of all, let us look at how auctions are held for classic cars. Classic car auctions are held at a relatively moderate pace if you compare it with regular car auctions. In regular car auctions, there are hundreds or even thousands of cars that are being exchanged during a single event.

Since there are not too many classic cars out there in the market, there aren't too many classic cars at auctions either. So the auctioneer takes a more delicate approach in auctioning these cars off. Some classic car auctioneers employ the English way of auctioning. This is perhaps the most popular form of auctioning where people try to outbid each other for a certain piece. The highest bidder will win.

This is the complete opposite of a Dutch auction where the auctioneer starts from a high price and goes lower and lower, the first person who is willing to take the price wins the bidding. The Dutch method is not usually employed in classic car auctions so try not to strategize based on this. For the more rare classic cars, perhaps a sealed-first-price kind of auction is employed.

Bidders make their bids secretly and write them down and seal them in envelopes, the highest bidder wins. Strategy Knowing the basics of how classic car auctions will give one a comparative advantage over the other bidders on how to properly get his dream classic car at a relatively good price. Getting into auctions is like playing a game, a mind game that is. To properly go through a classic car auction and to successfully purchase a dream classic car in such an event, one needs to take the following tips below seriously.

1) Know your dream car Classic car auctions are usually held in fall. So make sure that you do proper research before the said time of the year. The auctions are usually publicly announced through official announcements in newspapers and through advertising mechanisms that the auctioneer employs. Getting your hands into their forms and list of cars is one of the must-do things.

With the list on hand, one can do research about the cars. The Internet is a great way of looking at the different qualities and features of each car together with the advantages and disadvantages. A blue book is also necessary for appraising the value of the car.

2) Price, price, price At the end of the day, the true measure of one's success in participating in auctions is not only in terms of bringing something home, but buying something at a price that he is willing to pay that is substantially lower than the existing market price. Once one has finished doing research regarding his dream classic car, he should set a realistic price (that he can afford, obviously) and stick with it. If another outbids you, perhaps it is just not worth it.

3) Enjoy the show Not everyone will bring home a classic car in every classic car auction. Therefore, one should enjoy the whole scenario and meet lots of people. It is always a great learning experience and perhaps the lessons can be employed for the next auction.

A classic car is always timeless. Auctions are one of the best ways to get these babies home at lowered prices. Go now and build that dream of yours and strategize!.

Cordel Dietzig is a long time car auction attendee and also
co owner of http://usautoreview.com where he helps shed some light on Auto Auctions


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