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Get New Wheels for The New Year

Keeping your old car going can be hard work. Not only do you have to cope with the regular repairs you would get with any car, you also start having to cope with more and more other ? and more major ? things that start going wrong. The older your car is, the less peace of mind you are likely to have every time you climb into it. It takes more and more attempts to get it going during the winter, you've spotted one or two leaks when it rains, and it's even looking really old all of a sudden. It's good to make any car last as long as you can, but there comes a time when it is no longer economically viable to keep your current model on the road. So why not start the hunt for a new one now? The colder weather generally leads to more problems with getting an old car started every day, and it can take a lot longer to warm an old car up than a much newer one with more advanced heating systems.

Why stand out in the cold scraping the ice off your windscreen when you could be sitting in a car that defrosts it all in record time for you? You might be put off by the hassle of getting another car, but it's actually much easier to do so than you might think. The internet is a great place to start your search, as you can do so at leisure and in the comfort of your own home. If you need a car loan to help fund your new purchase, you might find it easier to look for a company that supplies both the loan and the car for you. This has a multitude of benefits ? it cuts down on the time you need to spend searching, it means there is only one company to deal with, rather than having to tie everything up together yourself, and you're likely to get your hands on your new car much more quickly than you would if you got your car and your loan from separate companies. To make the whole process as smooth as possible, do your research online and get some quotes for the type of car you want to buy. You should then take a look at your finances to see whether the monthly payments are affordable for you.

If not you have two options ? you can either make some savings by cutting down on your current outgoings, or you can look for another cheaper car. Whatever you decide to do, treating yourself to a new car for the coming year is a wonderful way to beat those New Year Blues and step out in style and comfort. Or should that be drive out?.

Paul McIndoe is an online, freelance journalist and keen hillwalker. He lives in Scotland with his two dogs.


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