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Extended Auto Warranties

An extended auto warranty is basically a vehicle service contract between the buyer and the car warranty company. As the name suggests, the warranty companies extend the manufacturer's warranty to service and repair certain parts of your vehicle. Please remember, these are not insurance schemes or policies.

The money secured from these service contracts is deposited in a 'claims reserve account'. Extended warranties are now a big business, so that every move is done to lure the car buyer.That is why most of them are tricky, using jargon to try and confuse the buyer.

The most important point regarding the auto extended warranty is the awareness the buyer should have about it. The first question that naturally arises is whether you need an extended warranty. If you are confused, check your car's warranty.

Most of the major car companies now come with a good warranty, and the standard warranties are given for three years or 36,000 miles. Now you decide whether you need an extended warranty. If you are still confused, just check how much coverage is left. If you are convinced that you really need one, think about how long you want to retain your vehicle. If you want to keep it for more time, it would be necessary to go for an extended warranty, as repairs can come over time.

There are two types of extended warranties: those given by the car manufacturer and the other given by independent companies. The ones given by the manufacturer include a wide range of repairs, which can be done at the authorized shops. But the extended warranty from an independent firm would not be similar to the earlier one; you have check the details before you buy one.Remember, if your car has high mileage it is difficult to get a good extended warranty.

Most of the extended warranties get canceled when you sell your car. If you want to transfer the warranty to another person, of course there is a fee. So once you have decided to buy a warranty, get quotes from three or four companies and decide upon the best one.

Remember, extended warranties are always risky, because what you lose is your money.

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By: Eric Morris


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