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Custom Car Seat Covers

Some manufacturers provide custom tailoring of car seat covers for particular vehicles. Customized car seat covers provide a snug fit with no sagging ends and therefore make the car seat look more visually appealing.Custom car seat covers are a viable solution for hard-to-fit seats like 40/20/40 seats, 70/30 seats, 60/40 seats, as well as difficult-to-fit seats in jeeps, trucks, tractors and SUVs. The company first sends some representatives to take accurate measurements of the car seats and then builds up an estimate. This service is most often free of charge.

A wide variety of materials may be used for making custom car seat covers.The person ordering the car seat covers gets to choose from among cotton, vinyl, neoprene, sheepskin, denim, velour cloth, tweed cloth and several other materials. Specific colors and patterns can also be chosen. Materials can be chosen according to the climatic factors and the amount of wear and tear the car seats may be subjected to. The client may have to pay for the material in advance.

At other times, the company quotes a lump sum charge, with the cost of the material included.While customizing a car seat cover, the customer can seek any combination.The cover can be tailored as aesthetically as designed, creating a sense of fashion consciousness within the car.

Different kinds of fasteners like Velcro, zippers, buttons or strings can be decided upon to enhance the look and durability of the cover.Custom car seat covers are obviously more expensive than standard car seat covers available in the stores.While standard car seat covers may be available at $30 to $70 per cover, customized car seat covers are sold at anywhere upwards of $60 per cover. Car seat cover providers also provide other accessories such as car covers and floor mats. Floor mats are provided complementary by some companies with a custom order of car seat covers.

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By: Thomas Morva


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