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chevrolet astro setting the trend of the minivans

The Chevrolet Astro was introduced during the mid 80's when the Chevy vans were in great vogue. This tough bodied car resembled the mini vans and was uniquely designed with high towing and pulling capabilities with rear wheel drive functionality. This distinguishing factor set Chevrolet Astro apart from the other front wheel drive cars.

In its earlier version, Chevrolet Astro has been mistaken to be a truck than a van which made drivers not feel the ease of driving a car. There are also some disadvantages in the older Chevrolet Astro version. Its suspension is not at par as good compared to other vans, it also consumes more fuel, and adding to that is it is higher and heavier. The noise also made one to think of it as a truck than as a van. The good thing about Chevrolet Astro is that it can suit a lot of people inside it making it more suitable for families with large members.

Its rear seat can be easily detached so that one can fill in the cargo which can accommodate to up to 170 cubic feet. This would make one to carry a lot of things and equipments for picnics and other getaway adventure. In the year 1985, new versions of Chevrolet Astro were introduced in the market which competed along with the popular Dodge Caravans and the Plymouth Voyager twins. Both GM and Ford became the frontrunners with their modern minivan designs that left the earlier introduced truck based models behind.

The newer Chevrolet Astro had managed to get a number of buyers in the market which could be credited to its continuing existence for nearly two decades. As far as comparison to its earlier version, Chevrolet Astro is far better than them because of its automatic four speed transmission. GM's five speed manual transmission find a stiff competition with Chevrolet Astro. In 1990, Chevrolet has been redesigned completely with its rear wheel drives being replaced to a 4-wheel drive. With all of its wheels powered, it can pull a load of 6,000 lbs! That made it very incredible! Its size is also maximized with its length having a 10 inches longer than the other version creating more comfortable seating space. New features were also added like the power steering, air conditioning, stereo system and car accessories including cruise control systems.

For a safer ride, Anti-lock brakes were also added and at the same time air bags were included at the driver's seat. The main attraction for the new Chevrolet Astro is its posh dashboard in its exterior and also its good controls. Driver would be completely less hassled by its power steering feature because of its sensitive turning. With these wonderful vehicle comes also a wonderful accessory which is none other than the Chevrolet Astro keychains. It comes in a solid brass with a yellow metal finish. The materials are designed to last long making it the most treasured present one can have.

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