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Car Strobe Lights emergency lighting system

Strobe light is commonly used in clubs to give an illusion of slow motion, as a strobe light flashing at a proper can appear to freeze a motion. And it has many uses in scientific or industrial applications.

The most popular applications for the strobe lights are in alarm systems, like used in law enforcement and other emergency vehicles.

Strobe light is a device used to product regular flashes of light, using the halogen lights. And nowadays most of the strobe lightings are replaced by LED technology which provides a higher light intensity with lesser power consumptions. .

Some strobe lights can flash up to hundreds of times per second after calibration and it can only be used in certain industrial, because it can trigger the photosensitive epilepsy. But most of the vehicle strobe flash or emergency light are using a low flash rate, does not exceed 5 flashes per second.

What are the common Strobe lights for the vehicle?
There are certain kinds of vehicle strobe lights on the market.

1. Emergency/Alarm lights used by emergency vehicles, police and fire vehicles. Normal strobes are the magnetic strobe and strobe bars, common color is blue, red and amber.

2. Decoration based strobe light, which are always used off the road.

Those strobe lights are using halogen or LED, always come with a control box to change the flash pattern and flash frequency. Somehow you can tune it into a normal light, and change it back to the strobe light when necessary. Common color is white, red, blue and amber.

And those strobe light always come with several color filtered plate, one can change the strobe color by using different plates.

More information and pictures would be found on Strobe Lights


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