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Be A Defensive Driver Not A Drunk Driver

I just want to compare the two and show how taking a simple dfensive driving course can do you a lot of good one thing it can do is save you money big money over time. It seems that drunk driving is one of the top threats these days. The answer to the problem has been to revoke your license if you have been drinking and driving, which I think is a good idea. Even though we live in a free country they say that driving is a privlage and I can understand that, but why are we not focusing on the positive solutions such as defensive driving classes. Defensive driving would not stop the problem, I would never think that but it would lessen the accidents for two reasons that I can see. Reason one is that the more people that are knowledgeable on what to look for in a drunk driver could know how to avoid one and react by gettin help.

Reason two, there will always be deviance no matter how much society changes soon the problem will be FUIs FWI's when the masses start using flying cars but hopfefully they will come equiped with some type of alcohol detector or autopiolit. The point is that the more people we educate the better chance of the roads being a better place. The benefits of taking a defensive drivers course can be numerous depending on your situation. If you are a perfect driver already you may think it can't help you but your probably wrong because it will save you money on your car insurnce. If you figure you pay the 30-100 dollars to take the course and your insurance bill drops by 10-30 dollars or more after one to three months you will have gotten that money back and now be bring home extra money. Some other benifits of a defensive drivers course is can take points off you license.

If you license have been suspended it can lift your suspension. Just don't choose to be a drunk driver because the cosequenses could be fatal, at the least you looking at your driving privliges being taken away. On a final note driving under any influnce can be very hazordous even if you intoxicated on stress or driving while your tierd. So just be careful out there for your sake and mine, and if you plan on drinking get a designated driver.

Emmanuel Aubrey is a defensive driver trying to convince every one else to to the same for more information on Defensive Driving Courses Visit Defensive Driving or http://www.carsorcar.info/Defense_Driving_Tips.html


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