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Avoid Car Crashes With Common Sense

Defensive driving is always the best thing to do if you want to eliminate road hazards as much as possible. The reality is this: 90% of all the accidents happen because of drivers' errors or negligence. Another overwhelming statistic shows that we are likely to go through at least one car accident in our lifetime.

Of course, most of the accidents don't have serious consequences, but it's not always the case. As I already pointed out, an astounding 90% of all the accidents happen because of a human error. The other known causes for accidents are vehicle problems and faulty road maintenance. Of course, vehicle problems can also occur because of bad maintenance from the owner's part, so it can be put in the human error category on many occasions.

Now, let's point out some simple principles which everyone should respect. KEEP YOUR CAR IN GOOD SHAPE So, the first prevention method is clear: take good care of your car! This prevention method starts even before going on the road, and don't make the mistake of neglecting it. Make sure that you have your car inspected from time to time. Also, check the car's parameters yourself as often as you can.

Check the tires, the oil, the water, etc. TAKE ANNUAL EYE TESTS I'm sure it's not going to come as a surprise to you when I tell that you are not allowed to drive with poor eyesight. Even before you driving license is given, you need to take medical tests, out of which the most important may be the eye test. I mean, a driver who can't see well is a danger to all participants to the traffic, not only to himself.

Regular eye tests are a must because the acuity of your eyes can drop as you get older. If this happens, you need to be equipped with suitable eye glasses, an important thing which won't make you a hazard while on the road. DRINK AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, BUT NOT WHEN YOU ARE WITH THE CAR One out of seven road deaths are caused by drivers who are over the legal limit. I mean, who are you to put us in danger because you can't restrain yourself from drinking when you are with the car? I know it sounds a little bit harsh, but unfortunately this is the reality.

And I'm a person who thinks that accidents which happen because someone drove under the influence are actually not accidents at all, because they could have been easily prevented. In most countries, the legal of BAC (blood alcohol concentration) ranges from 0.05 to 0.

08. BE CAREFUL AT NIGHT Just because the road is clearer doesn't mean that you really have to go faster. Driving at night is much more difficult than during the day, and the reason is obvious: your vision is greatly affected by the darkness. So try to clean up your windscreen and drive much more carefully. You need a lot more concentration when you are on the road at night, because your eyes are very solicited. FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT Many drivers ignore the seatbelt, although if used properly it could have saved many lives each year.

Make sure that you tighten it as much as you can before going on the road. TRY NOT TO TALK ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE Talking on the mobile phone while driving is an important distraction from the road ahead. If you add to that high speed and/or poor weather conditions, you have a recipe that often leads to disaster. You are 4 times more likely to get involved in a car accident if you are talking on your mobile phone while driving. So these are some basic principles that everyone should know.

They make up what I like to call driving common sense, and these prevention measures can drastically decrease your chances of getting involved in an accident if they are respected. So make sure that before you go on the road the next time, you respect the defensive driving advice I've given you.

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