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An Overview Of Honda Hybrids

Honda has become one of the top car manufacturers when it comes to the latest craze in the automotive world - hybrid vehicles. Honda has followed in the footsteps of car manufacturing companies like Toyota and Ford who have created a number of their car models in hybrid form. But what is the difference between hybrid cars and the gasoline powered cars we have become accustomed to in the past? Hybrid vehicles run by combining sources of power to fuel the vehicle. Today's hybrid vehicles combine gasoline with electric power to run. By not relying solely on gasoline as fuel power to power the vehicle, hybrid vehicles use less gasoline and omit fewer fumes into the already damaged atmosphere.

With global warming becoming more and more of a concern, hybrid vehicles are growing in popularity. Hybrid cars use gasoline combined with an electric motor powered by batteries to fuel the vehicle. When the vehicle is being used in typical day-to-day driving scenarios where there is a lot of stop-and-go traffic, hybrid vehicles rely heavily upon their battery power. When use of the gasoline engine takes place, or when the car slows down or brakes, the electric battery pack is able to recharge itself, readying itself for more use powered by the electric engine rather than the gasoline engine. In recent years Honda has put models of some of their most popular vehicles on the market as hybrids.

The Honda Acura, Honda Insight and Honda Civic, some of the company's top selling vehicles can now be bought as standard gasoline-powered cars or as hybrid vehicles. Honda began its sale of hybrid vehicles in 2005, the same year as many other car manufacturers. However, now Honda is predicting at least double the sales of their new 2006 hybrid models. That may seem like lofty prediction to make but for many Americans; the rising prices at the gas tank make hybrid vehicles the perfect idea. Honda's hybrid vehicles will surely save money at the gas pump, getting approximately thirty miles per gallon for city driving and thirty seven per gallon on the highway. The typical Honda vehicle powered solely by gasoline gets approximately twenty one miles per gallon for city driving and thirty one miles per gallon on the highway.

That is a considerable difference for people who find themselves filling their gas tanks three of four times a week at prices nearing three dollars per gallon. The price for Honda hybrids does raise some. When comparing the standard Honda Acura to its hybrid counterpart the hybrid cost approximately $4,000 more. However, for many people who purchase hybrid vehicles, the initial price seems to even out when considering the money saved at the gas pump and the environmental safety the hybrid vehicles bring. That's right; gas prices are not the only reason that makes hybrid vehicles a smarter choice. With a growing need for environmentally safe vehicles, Honda's hybrid vehicles have become more and more popular.

Places in the United States that have been plagued by heavy pollution, like the state of California; have seen a growing trend in the purchase of hybrid vehicles over regular vehicles. In fact, millions of Americans are currently living in areas that have poor air quality. Hybrids could provide the beginning of a solution to this problem. Without a doubt hybrid vehicles will provide somewhat of a reprieve from dire air quality. Since companies such as Honda have worked so hard to develop effective hybrid models, hybrid cars have become a glimpse of the future available today. Many engineers and car manufacturers believe that hybrid vehicles will eventually begin to gain significant ground in sales.

Although the vehicles keep becoming more and more popular amongst American consumers, it is believed that it will be short time until the hybrid vehicle becomes the standard. In fact, companies like Honda that have been conducting research on hybrid vehicles for years have known that this technology would be coming. Honda's hard work over the past few years has undoubtedly paid of, putting them at the top when it comes to hybrid competition. And without a doubt the research will continue to provide society with an even more practical way of getting around.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. Get new car prices and reviews at http://www.newcarpricesandreviews.com


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