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About The Isuzu Rodeo PickUp

One of my mates have an Isuzu Rodeo and he absolutely loves it, he had the top of the range one with all the extras: big wheels, stainless bars the lot and it does look very impressive if your in the market for a pick-up. As vehicles go, the Isuzu Rodeo is the perfect combination of SUV and pick-up truck. The Isuzu Rodeo features a 3.0 litre diesel engine, which provides an excellent, down and dirty road presence for both city driving and country driving ? not to mention the way it performs on the back roads. It is such a refined pick-up truck, in fact, that other manufacturers are constantly striving to mimic its handling and its performance. Isuzu has further refined the Rodeo's engine, as now there is a choice between a 2.

5 litre common rail diesel engine as well as a 5.0 litre engine. In all three forms, the Isuzu Rodeo starts up with a quite purr, making for an extremely quiet ride while idling and while cruising.

The Isuzu Rodeo further features a selectable 4x4 system, which illuminates any difficult, chunky gears which are often seen in the competition. Rather, the Rodeo provides a clean, concise switch which is mounted on the fascia. Once the driver reaches speeds of sixty or so, the transmission switches seamlessly and without a catch from rear wheel drive to four wheel drive. Even in two wheel drive, the traction is sublime, and the rear axle of the Isuzu Rodeo comes complete with an integrated snorkel, which allows the vehicle to easily navigate through deep water. Considering the fact that the Rodeo's under body is completely protected, this is a pick up as ideal for off road driving as it is for city cruising and country riding.

The aforementioned qualities make the Isuzu Rodeo an extraordinarily versatile vehicle. It comes complete with independent front suspension, an anti roll bar, and gas filled shock absorbers which are double acting so that they can be utilised all around. Thanks to a leaf sprung live rear axle, the ride is smooth and supremely comfortable, not to mention the possibilities for hauling capacity. The beautiful of the Isuzu Rodeo is that, especially considering that it is a pick-up truck, it is just as conducive and perfect for business driving as it is for pleasure trips and the like on weekends, after the work week is through. It is perhaps one of the top dual usage vehicles in its class. So far as the exterior goes, the Isuzu Rodeo features a high, impressive tower of a grille and large, illuminating head lamps.

The fog lights are set into the bumper, which is quite deep, and there is a slim bonnet scoop used to feed the interior cooler. The silhouette is exotic and rather regal, and there are options for so much luxury it is almost hard to believe. All Isuzu Rodeo pick-up trucks come standard with air conditioning, power windows, sixteen inch alloy wheels, remote keyless entry, a navigational computer, and a stereo with both CD and iPod capabilities.

When drivers get up to the Isuzu Rodeo LE, there are even more possibilities for comfort and luxury. LE models can have eighteen inch wheels featuring shadow chrome allow; the seats have leather trim; and the grille is made with a special mesh. Standard safety features include driver air bags, passenger air bags, side impact protection door beams, an anti lock brake system complete with EBD, and seatbelt pretensioners for the seats located in the front of the vehicle. As far as standard comfort goes, in addition to producing a quiet, smooth ride devoid of road noise, thanks to its purring engine and suspension system, the Isuzu Rodeo provides extraordinary comfort inside as well. The seats are solid and very stabilising, perfect for long trips and drives.

There is ample room in the cabin, which includes plenty of shoulder room and an admirable amount of leg room.

Written on behalf of Total Fleet Services
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