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A Look At Some Of The Best Vehicles For Road Trips

10 Best Road Trip Vehicles You are a road trip enthusiast. You've practically crisscrossed the country 10 times, cruising Route 66 along the way, and seen the expanse that is the American country side. What better way to do it than in one of the following cars, all of which have a style all their own and which will greatly enhance the experience? The following cars were selected by our panel with an eye to long distance tripping. Chrysler Sebring Convertible The Sebring Convertible sets itself apart from the competition by offering a spacious cabin and being a convertible. Most of the convertibles currently available are either way too cramped for four people and luggage. But the Sebring is different.

Four can sit in it for long distances without developing cramps, and without balancing overnight bags on their laps. Added to this is the fact that Sebrings depreciate in value, so you should be able to find a used one rather cheaply. Dodge Grand Caravan For long distance road tripping, a minivan really can be useful.

It offers a ton of space so that the passengers in the back can practically sprawl out and relax. And the Grand Caravan has a ton of features to add to that space that will be useful for roadtrippers, like underseat storage and dual exit rear doors. Dodge Magnum Another Dodge, the Magnum is the station wagon for the new century. Since it is well equipped with a huge engine, the Magnum does not lack in power. A commodious cabin and excellent handling make this a dream for performance driven road trip pilots. Dodge Sprinter The Dodge Sprinter is another van from Dodge, but it is a full size van and offers all of the space that you would expect from a vehicle its size.

It is an exact copy of the European market Mercedes Sprinter, and offers up to 10 seats. So, if you have as many passengers as you have fingers, this may be the vehicle for you. Honda Insight Here's an import entry into our top list of road trip transports. And it is very sensible for those who are taking their road trips on a budget since it will provide them with more mileage for their traveling buck. The Insight gets as much as 60 mpg, which will be a boon to long-distance travelers.

Mazda Miata Always a signature vehicle, the Mazda Miata has been the cherished car of many road trippers. What makes it such a perfect road trip car is its minimalism. It mediates the experience of the road trip as little as possible. There is only you, a tiny, but responsive, car, and the air screaming by as your roar on your way to exploring wide open space. These six cars will provide you with a perfect road trip, and each is catered to a certain need. Need seating? Take a van.

Need the thrill of the wind in your hair? Why not try a convertible?.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as a car buying tips at http://www.newcarbuyingsecrets.com


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